The surroundings of Egmond aan Zee

There is much to do in and around Egmond aan Zee all year round. A number of fun activities have been collected on this page.

Beach and sea

Get a breath of fresh air along the sea on a stormy autumn day or sunbathe on the beach in summer

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North Holland Dune Reserve

Lovely walking, cycling or horse riding in the nature reserve around the village

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Bunker Museum Jansje Schong

The bunkers that were part of the Atlantic Wall are an impressive museum

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Egmond Museum

An attractive museum full of nostalgia and history of the old Egmond

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Lighthouse J.C.J. Van Speijk

The lighthouse of Egmond can be visited in July and August on Friday evening

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Shopping street

Egmond aan Zee has a shopping street with nice boutiques and cozy terraces

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Touristic market

From June to August there is a tourist market in the center on Wednesday (±17:00-22:00)

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A fairytale walking tour in the dark with unique light creations

Fishing day

A program with performances by choirs and singers, readings and costume shows

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There is a fair in Egmond aan Zee twice a year: early April and late July

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Lifeboat Day

Lifeboat day is the rescue company's open day with various activities

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Walk to the pump

In the summer every Sunday evening performances on the pump square by various bands

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